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How to use Facebook to market your radio station in 2017

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Are you serious about promoting your radio station on Facebook?  If so you’re probably aware that it’s getting more difficult.  As it gets tougher I thought I’d share some things to think about when using …

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Tips for digitally marketing your radio station

Submitted by on January 23, 2015 – 2:21 pmNo Comment | 4,107 views

Tips for digitally marketing your radio station

By Eric Corwin

I read an article this morning about ways to increase your station’s TSL. There’s little question that it is important to understand all the ways to protect your station’s eroding audience. However, is it inevitable to continue to lose audience at the present rate or can we slow the process by using effective digital tactics? Our stations have had great success using digital to target new listeners and slow, if not stop, the erosion of their audience at the expense of their competitors.

How to target new listeners:

  • Identify your competitor’s hot zip codes, key artists and individuals who are likely contest and survey participants
  • Use Facebook, YouTube and Twitter to target these zip codes
  • Identify through behavioral profiling the websites your competitor’s listeners spend time on and advertise your station there
  • Use Geo-targeted mobile ads that target key zip codes and match your listeners’ behavioral profile


A successful digital campaign begins with targeting your competitor’s listeners, but it will fall flat if the creative is bad or even mediocre. How many station advertisers buy what should be an effective advertising campaign on your station but use poor creative?  It’s no wonder their campaigns fail.
We’ve seen stations attempting to impact their ratings using digital that are destined to fail because of poorly developed creative. Having your radio personalities on video is a NO NO unless they’re talented at it and the content of the video is compelling. Hell, YouTube stars get it. They relate to their viewers offering compelling content that is relevant to their audience. Too often the station’s digital creative does more harm than good. It sometimes seems like an afterthought for most stations.
How to design a creative digital campaign:

  • Know your audience—what is relevant to them
  • Create compelling content both in static and video form
  • Have an interactive component—engage your listeners
  • Present a consistent message
  • Offer incentives


While the success of a digital campaign isn’t always easily defined, it is measurable. Each platform provides compressive metrics to be analyzed. Of course the ultimate metric is Nielsen. If you’ve used digital to market your station in the past and have not seen the results you were looking for then you or your marketing company are doing something wrong. If you carefully target those listeners that are likely survey participants with well thought out compelling content, digital does work.


Have you used digital in the past and found it didn’t work?  Are you considering using it in the future?  If so, contact us for a digital marketing assessment.