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How to use Facebook to market your radio station in 2017

August 21, 2017 – 4:51 pm Comments Off on How to use Facebook to market your radio station in 2017 | 5,505 views

Are you serious about promoting your radio station on Facebook?  If so you’re probably aware that it’s getting more difficult.  As it gets tougher I thought I’d share some things to think about when using …

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Thanks for making us laugh Robin

Submitted by on August 13, 2014 – 8:11 pmNo Comment | 1,549 views

Thanks for making us laugh Robin

I had to take a moment to share some thoughts about the brightly burning star that was
Robin Williams. My first glimpse of his comic brilliance, like so many others, came many years ago
when he starred on the Mork and Mindy show. His humor was nonstop and seemed to explode from his
mind in tourette like bursts. Then over the next thirty years his humor and soul could be viewed during
his stand up comedy routines and so many movies like Mrs. Doubtfire, Patch Adams, Dead Poets Society,
Good Will Hunting and so many more.

I can’t help but think that some higher power felt that our world was just a little too serious, too ho
hum and in need of a worldwide comic meteor shower. So we were blessed
with the gift of Robin Williams. Bursting down from the heavens above, Robin Williams showered us
with the gift of laughter. Not ordinary laughter; the kind of laughter that emanates from one’s soul as if
it had truly been sent from the gods above. Yes, Robin Williams was in my eyes a gift from the cosmos,
delivered to make sure that we remember how important the human emotion of laughter is to each of
us; laughter that quells the sadness, the stress and the madness of our world. These negative emotions
are present everywhere. We need laughter and joy to drive them away; to lift us up and set our
minds free, if not for only just a moment. Robin Williams lifted the world with his humor and in the end
maybe he had none left. None left to lift himself back up. God bless you Robin Williams and thank you
for making this world so much brighter for all of us. Now it’s time for you to reconnect to the joyous
energy and laughter that brought you to us so long ago; time for you to laugh again. You deserve it!