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How to use Facebook to market your radio station in 2017

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Are you serious about promoting your radio station on Facebook?  If so you’re probably aware that it’s getting more difficult.  As it gets tougher I thought I’d share some things to think about when using …

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SURVEY app drives increased tune-in at all listening locations

Submitted by on May 15, 2013 – 1:12 pmNo Comment | 2,710 views

Article Highlights

*The sense of community and desire for interactivity has fundamentally changed the way we consume traditional media.

*Smartphone technology using mobile apps designed by Impact Target Marketing can generate more listening occasions though compelling engagements to    enhance ratings.

*Today we no longer watch TV silently; we grab our cellphones to weigh in on what we are viewing and to connect with a “community”.

*Radio finally has an additional “app” designed to impact surveys.


The radio industry can learn much from TV’s “Survivor”

Look at a program like “Survivor”.  It  has enjoyed great success for thirteen years.   For “Survivor” this long run has been the result of evolution and innovation while keeping a winning formula intact.  Today viewers react to the show via Twitter.  Host Jeff Probst made several references in the shows finale episode earlier this week to the fact that we no longer watch TV silently, we grab our cellphones to weigh in on what we are viewing and to connect with a “community”.  That sense of community and desire for interactivity has fundamentally changed the way we consume traditional media.  The producers of “Survivor” (and other shows) realize that and act on it to enhance ratings.


Smartphones are key to your station’s survivalSmartRadio Survey


Is it the portability of our smartphones that is driving this new level of engagement?  Yes.  It is the one device that is always present, and we all welcome an opportunity to share an opinion.   This is what led Impact Target Marketing to develop its Feed the Meter campaign that utilizes its SmartRadio Survey mobile app to engage and connect listeners to participating stations.  This is a DIFFERENT app than what radio has seen before.  It is the first SURVEY app focused on driving increased tune-in at all listening locations.


Be smarter about generating higher ratings

 feed the meter

“As the radio industry has relied more on voice-tracking, less audience interaction due to budgetary constraints, and fewer major promotions, listening has become a more passive activity”, states Eric Corwin.  “We can alter this trend through smartphone technology creating more interaction between the listener and the station.  Taking it one step further we can create this interaction with those individuals most important to a radio station’s success; PPM panelists or diary keepers”.


For any brand, engagement is the key to frequent and loyal use.  The more a consumer feels a connection, the higher the loyalty.  Radio has to try new things to seize the opportunity.  That starts by using the most available tool: the smartphone.


Impact has used innovation to help its stations succeed for over twenty years

Over the last twenty years, Impact Target Marketing has focused entirely on methods that create engagement, increase frequency of use, and grow loyalty for radio brands.  The methods of measurement have changed over the years, but the desired result has not.  Over the last two years, Impact combined the proven techniques that worked in direct mail and telemarketing into a new approach that utilizes the close proximity of a listener’s smartphone to directly impact listening by using an app that gives listeners a chance to be rewarded in real time for listening to a specific station.  Like in the television industry with “Survivor”,  innovation and evolution are key to sustained ratings success, but radio was a couple of steps behind…until now.


A smartphone app that impacts ratings

 smartradio survey-itm

The new Impact app can “Feed the Meter” to drive PPM ratings, and it can “Drive Diaries” for diary-based markets because it takes audience involvement with radio brands to a new level.  Being a radio “Survivor” in 2013 and beyond demands this type of innovation and smart operators will take advantage of this new tool before their competitors do.


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