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How to use Facebook to market your radio station in 2017

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Are you serious about promoting your radio station on Facebook?  If so you’re probably aware that it’s getting more difficult.  As it gets tougher I thought I’d share some things to think about when using …

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Getting higher ratings has never been easier

Submitted by on July 8, 2015 – 7:21 pmNo Comment | 5,033 views

easy-way-hard-wayIt is not enough to be on the air to ensure ratings growth. You need to market your station aggressively to reach potential survey friendly households. In a competitive market, now more than ever, generating higher ratings has never been easier. How can I make this statement? It’s really quite simple. Most broadcasters rely on their station’s programming and an on-air contest to support and retain their present ratings. Even in competitive markets, broadcasters just aren’t marketing their stations to the households that matter most—those that participate in surveys. If you’re one of these stations then you’re relying on the ratings gods to smile upon you and hope that enough PPM households are already listening. If you’re not, then pay close attention.


If your competitors are waiting for the ratings gods then you have a great opportunity to increase your ratings today by aggressively marketing to survey friendly households. We know the zip codes where they live. We know because we utilize the “hot-zip” report developed by our friends at the Research Director, Inc. By knowing this we can help your station successfully market to these individuals using the same tactics that are used by rating companies today.

Ratings companies don’t recruit like that…
Do ratings companies use radio, television or billboards to reach potential survey participants? No. Then why do stations believe that the power of the airwaves alone is enough to reach such a small percentage of the population? Using mass media techniques to engage a potential survey participant or to get them to switch to another station is inefficient. If we understand the process in which ratings companies seek out and recruit individuals that are likely to take surveys, why wouldn’t we use the same tactics to promote our stations? Let’s not waste money, let’s recruit new listeners using the same tactics that ratings companies use.
Target survey friendly households using direct marketing
One of the most efficient ways to reach survey friendly households is by using direct marketing. Direct mail, telemarketing and incentives are key components that ratings companies use to initially recruit and subsequently retain survey participants. Direct digital marketing using an email address, a web browser or a mobile phone number in conjunction with social media should also be used to support the station’s efforts to reach and engage survey participants thus ensuring higher ratings.
“What went wrong with my last direct marketing campaign?”
If you’ve used direct marketing and it didn’t work then ask yourself the following questions to better understand what may have gone wrong.

  • Did we target the right households?
  • Was the research that was done to identify hot zips in-depth enough?
  • Is the station programmed correctly?
  • Were format competitors aggressively marketing?
  • Was our incentive and station position compelling enough to pull listeners away from our format competitors?
  • Was our budget large enough to generate the needed ratings increase


If you’re considering doing a direct marketing campaign make sure you’re satisfied with the answers to these questions before moving forward. To be successful you must target the right households and offer a compelling reason for these individuals to switch from their existing station or listen longer to your station. Your incentive must be more compelling than your competitors’ and your programming position must be clearly delineated so that the potential listener samples your station. Finally, your station’s marketing budget must be large enough to ensure a successful campaign. Direct marketing works. It works for ratings companies and it works for radio stations but it only works if you have a comprehensive action plan to ensure ratings success.  Plus, it’s far less expensive than television and billboards.  Click here to find out how Impact Target Marketing can help support your ratings and revenue growth.