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How to use Facebook to market your radio station in 2017

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Are you serious about promoting your radio station on Facebook?  If so you’re probably aware that it’s getting more difficult.  As it gets tougher I thought I’d share some things to think about when using …

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The top 5 keys to marketing your station

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The biggest opportunity in radio today is for those groups that choose to aggressively market their stations.

It’s true that stations promote to their existing listeners every day they’re on the air. Is this enough to secure consistently high ratings with the multitude of primary and secondary format competitors? Not to mention all of the other music delivery options like Pandora and Spotify just to name a few. No it is not enough! Opportunity exists for those broadcast groups that understand the short and long term value of promoting their stations.

When developing a marketing campaign for your station there are key points you need to take into consideration:

Target individuals likely to impact your station’s ratings

This step is the foundation for a successful marketing effort. Begin by understanding some key truths. You need to identify and engage both your station’s and competitor’s P1 listeners. We rely on the Research Director for various reports that help with a comprehensive hot zip analysis. This then allows us to narrow cast our marketing efforts reducing the overall station investment and supporting a more successful campaign. Let’s dig deeper within the target and understand that those individuals that are lower on the social economic scale are more likely to participate in surveys offering incentives and are also more likely to engage in your station’s promotion. This does not mean we exclude upper income earners from our targeting as every quarter hour is critical.

A hot zip analysis empowers you to get more out of your marketing dollars by knowing:

  • What zips your listening came from, as well as the hot zips for your competitors
  • Where the meters were in the previous month
  • Where your competition outperforms you
  • If a super heavy listening household has significantly impacted your station’s numbers
  • How key formats perform in each zip code

Use incentives large and small

Successful marketing programs use smaller “qualifier” cash prizes to be given away each weekday and a large grand prize. The grand prize acts as the anchor for the promotion creating market wide excitement. Individuals that are lower on the socioeconomic scale tend to be more motivated by a large cash prize.

Marketing to engage potential survey friendly households

First contact for most survey companies is in the form of direct mail followed by telemarketing. To be successful, a broadcaster must take this into consideration while understanding that a multi-engagement campaign will deliver the best results. Use of highly targeted outbound tactics such as direct mail and telemarketing in conjunction with social media and mobile will ensure ratings success.

Track the results of your marketing efforts

It is essential that you have tracking mechanisms in place to identify which components of your marketing campaign are delivering the most listener engagements. The key metric of course is the ratings that result from your station’s marketing efforts. Don’t wait until the ratings come out to use campaign metrics to help support the ongoing success of the campaign as it’s executed. Make changes throughout the campaign as the metrics dictate.

Your advertisers should be the first to know

Tell your present and potential advertisers that a major marketing campaign is launching to promote your station. This creates another reason for advertisers to consider your station over your competitors.  You want your marketing efforts to immediately attract more advertising dollars to your station. This becomes even more of an advantage when so few of your competitors are aggressively promoting their stations. In some cases you may worry that by going public with the campaign prior to the launch allows your competitors to react. Rest assured that in most cases they don’t have the budget or internal station personnel to counter act your well planned and well executed marketing effort.

Will you begin aggressively marketing your station in the next few months? Will your competitor? What will it mean if you do and your competitor lies dormant or the reverse occurs? How will these scenarios effect your revenue growth, your station’s future? If you’re considering an upcoming marketing campaign contact us for a personalized proposal.


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